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Experienced Digital Forensic Team Since 2003

Our digital forensics team possesses a proven track record of achieving successful legal resolutions for our clients using industry leading tools and methodology. We also offer cybersecurity Vancouver can count on.

TCS Forensics is Canada’s premier digital forensics, cyber investigation, and security firm. Our clients depend on us for secure, reliable, court-admissible forensic evidence backed up by our team of Expert Forensic Examiners.

Since 2003, we have served communities across Canada and the United States. From Vancouver to Halifax and Washington, DC to Seattle, TCS Forensics is renowned for our commitment to pioneering advancements in the field of digital forensics.

In addition to digital forensics, we offer network security evaluations, penetration testing, password recovery/cracking and cyber investigation services for defamation, intellectual property theft, etc. We also have an incident response team for onsite services.

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What We Specialize In

To safeguard your digital infrastructure, TCS offers several forensic services Vancouver can trust, to help avoid the unnecessary expense and damage to your reputation when reporting a privacy breach.


With an incident response team for onsite services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you can call in anytime to have our investigators on site.

Computer Forensics

When information on a computer/desktop becomes relevant in a court of law, a computer forensic investigation is required to retrieve the data. Our professional experts expose attempts to tamper with, delete, or destroy electronic files.

Mobile Forensics

Mobile devices continuously store data and contain valuable evidence like location information from their GPS receivers. Our experts help you get the info you need in court.

Data Recovery

We give you reliable data from evidence sources that have been unintentionally (or intentionally) corrupted, deleted, encrypted or hidden.

Threat Prevention & Detection

From the time you boot your browser and access a random webpage, you can be prone to several attacks. We help you spot these threats and defend your data.

Social Media Security

When you’re online, you are prone to identity theft and cyberbullying; our experts can help you secure your social media handles.

Vulnerability Assessment

The average cost of a data breach to Canadian companies in 2020 was $6.35 million. At TCS, we look out for your network security and information systems with in-depth assessments.

Mandatory Breach Reporting

Organizations operating in Canada are required by law to provide notice of certain privacy breaches. We help you navigate through privacy breaches and provide notice to everyone involved.

Know Before You Go To Court

If you require assistance in court while presenting evidence from mobile phones, computers, or the cloud, look no further. The evidence we provide will be admissible in all courts of law in Canada, the US, Australia, and the UK. We are also able to provide expert testimony to support the evidence provided.


Family Law

Whether you’re supporting or refuting allegations of infidelity, disputed income, spousal or child abuse, we can assist with finding integral information.


Copyright Law

Whether you’re supporting or refuting allegations of plagiarism or theft of intellectual property, we can identify and present valuable evidence in a court of law.

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Read Our Testimonials

“I am very familiar with the management and employees of TCS Forensics. In my experience, the forensic examiners are experienced individuals and provide an excellent service to clients. I would certainly use their services in the future.”

- Peter M. German, QC, PhD
Deputy Commissioner, RCMP (ret’d)
Lion's Gate Logo

“I have utilized and recommended TCS Forensics to provide advanced technical support on many files over the years. They are responsive and knowledgeable providers of advanced tech services. They take a methodical, professional approach to their work and provide a thorough investigation report. A high end service which I appreciate.”

- Scot Filer, CEO
Lions Gate Risk Management Group

“Quality Preservation of Electronic Evidence – the experienced professionals at TCS are excellent at capturing, preserving, and extracting data. Their work was key to solving complex financial transactions and assisting in the presentation of my forensic accounting evidence. This team produces quality forensic work.”

- Malysh Associates
Investigative & Forensic Accounting

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