Keith Perrin

Chief Executive Officer LinkedIn

Keith’s desire for innovation and experience has seen him through a range of positions and industries after more than 30 years in the corporate world. Keith started in accounting and moved into sales, before discovering his core strength as a managing executive. As an executive with experience in radio, construction, waste management, technology and professional services, Keith has grown and been involved in past ventures up to $150 million in annualized revenue, managed over 400 employees and overseen successful acquisitions and mergers.

After many years in the BC business world, Keith foresaw a rise in cybercrime and an increasing need for information security and digital forensic services. In 2003 Keith & Catherine began TCS Forensics Ltd. which became a pioneering firm in BC’s developing digital forensics industry. They quickly set TCS apart by investing in the largest private digital forensics lab in Western Canada and developing physical security and evidence storage procedures for the facility in cooperation with the former Chief Officer of the Organized Crime Agency of BC. Keith has successfully maintained the unmatched expertise of TCS by retaining high caliber professionals with complementary, specialized skill sets and a high capacity for research and innovation. Keith’s goal is to keep TCS at the forefront of digital forensics and continue growing the firm’s e-discovery and security practices by offering services for cyber & threat intelligence.