Penetration & Vulnerability

Despite the fact that, 500 companies surveyed by Verizon:

43% of reported firms had confirmed data breaches with more than a quarter of those reporting more than 5 incidents.

The Good News

80% of attacks that lead to data breaches were not difficult and could have been easily stopped through reasonable controls.  In other words, if you take proper steps to discover and plug security holes, hackers/crackers will pass you up for an easier target.

Increasingly, organizations are concerned with protection of their information systems, increasing network security, and ensuring that their sensitive internal data is kept private and confidential. As a result of these trends, there are demands for independent penetration testing and the validation of the security of an organization’s infrastructure. In response to these concerns and requirements, TCS Forensics offers “IT security penetration and Vulnerability Risk Assessment Audits” to satisfy the demand for secure computing. By conducting a regular penetration test, companies will get a detailed report on actual, exploitable security threats and identify which vulnerabilities are critical, which are insignificant, and which are false positives. By making these determinations, your organization can intelligently apply patches and allocate security resources when and where they are required.