Mobile Forensics

Mobile phones are becoming a great part of our lives, detailing every aspect of our daily routines. With the evolution of Smartphone’s and tablets, we can save a vast amount of information.

Mobile phone forensics is simply a method of gathering criminal evidence from a trail of digital data, which is often difficult to delete which could be used in court.

With the evolving data landscape, digital data trails are easily left on these devices. Types of mobile forensics include taped conversations, digital phone pictures, mobile phone texts or emails, phone number lists, websites visited and sometimes even mobile phone digital video recordings. Once evidence is gathered for legal purposes, it can be saved and stored to prevent deletion or damage of important digital materials.

More often than not, mobile phone forensics is applied to digital data retrieval of deleted communications. These may aid legal teams or police detectives, resulting in legal evidence production and presentation.

Here at TCS Forensics, our examiners are trained to retrieve evidences from over 5200 types of mobile devices such as Apple iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Samsung, tablets and more.