Welcome to TCS E-Discovery.

The simplest solution for lawyers & legal support staff that wants to do the review themselves.

What is TCS E-Discovery?

TCS E-Discovery is a simple platform that allows legal professionals to easily access, review , search, filter and tag files in a hard drive with over millions of different types of files. This solution makes E-Discovery accessible and ready for everyone.

Why use TCS E-Discovery?

The volume of electronic data continues to grow exponentially. Data can come from a variety of sources, including e-mails, phone calls, computer files, applications, and social networks. Consequently, it has become nearly impossible to analyze all this data efficiently without an E-Discovery solution. TCS E-Discovery solution is for legal professionals who want a self-service file review platform, that they can analyze themselves at the comfort of their homes , office or on the go. This solution will work with office workstations, laptops, tablets or smartphones.

How TCS E-Discovery works?

You either drop off the hard drive or TCS Forensics examiners can login to the discovery device and based on what you are looking for, we can acquire, process and index the acquire files and have it ready for you to access. Once you are logged in to our secure site, you will be able to easily search, tag and sort through millions of user created documents at your leisure.