Intellectual Property Theft

Most times, no product, service or human intervention can prevent intellectual property theft. However, computer forensics is often the only means of conclusively proving theft and allowing for successful legal resolution.

TCS examiners are very familiar with the creative attempts to remove data and been involved at all stages of “Intellectual Property Theft” cases including:

1. Confirming the initial suspicions of management
2. Assisting lawyers with “Anton Piller Order” civil seizure
3. Liaising with company legal and regulators
4. Determining the scope of theft or identifying other parties
5. Assisting with discovery requests
6. Providing immediate, accurate evidence for court case
7. Providing expert witness testimony at trial

TCS works with management and legal counsel to fully investigate theft of trade secrets and confidential data. We can analyze data from smart devices, Macs, Windows and non-Microsoft server systems. TCS’s will forensically preserve, analyze and report on the findings. Our opinions will be upheld and can be challenge in all level of court, if needed.